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Namaste! I am Rev. Niradhara, an Interfaith Minister with a Yogic practice in Vedic Fire Healing Arts — based in the Catskills Mts of NY and registered in the 5 boros of NYC. i frequently can be found at my affiliate: Ananda Ashram Yoga Society of NY and with a special love for community on Nantucket Island, MA. In addition, for the next several months I am in India and am always available to travel.


with reverence & joy, I hold the space Sacred where ever it may be for your wedding, milestone anniversaries, baby’s naming, home or business blessings, funerals, tree planting dedications, meditation and worship gatherings and more. I am blessed to do this work and very grateful for it. It’s my delight and honor to officiate wedding & commitment ceremonies for any couple. I enjoy travel and will go anywhere. When i am in NY, is a short trip to NJ for legal same gender weddings, it is easy to arrange for me to travel for you ! If you would like to reach me to inquire about my availability for your ceremony call 917.916.3678 or contact me here:

What I can do

As an ordained Interfaith Minister registered with the City and State of New York, I can perform weddings virtually anywhere. Most of my ceremonies are in NY/NJ/MA. Don’t let this limit you, I can arrange to do a wedding or any ceremony anywhere around the globe. I frequent boston, nantucket MA and also winters in India. I work with you to create a personal, unique ceremony that represents who you are individually and as a couple, and what you believe in. Sometimes this means merging and marrying your two faiths into one ceremony. Sometimes it means honoring no particular faith path, but creating a ceremony that is spiritual and for a couple to bear witness to and honor their path of Love. I am available for and recommend pre-marital spiritual counseling.

As your wedding officiant, it’s my joy and privilege to answer questions, put you first, and put you at ease. I am here to support you. I will put energy and enthusiasm into the creative process of customizing your wedding ceremony, as well as help you relax and enjoy your wedding day. Whether your ceremony is short and sweet, formal, religious, agnostic, or theatrical, my goal is to honor your path, the cultural, creative, or traditional rituals you might choose to include, and to provide you with a ceremony that honors your relationship, as well as your family and invited guests.

In the service of memorializing the life of a Loved One who has passed, I give special attention to the needs of the living to cope with the loss as well as the wishes of the one whom we are remembering. I am available for additional grief counseling immediately after or at any time – even months or years later – when a need arises for a guide and witness to this sometimes difficult process that can reveal its depths over the uncovering of layers in time. With Love and Respect, the funeral or memorial of a family member, friend or lover can be an uplifting and joyous renewal for those touched by the transition beyond the veil. The holding of memorial or funeral is always a starting point for healing one of Life’s unavoidable losses, the separation from One we Love by the veils of death. Whatever your belief of after life as we know it, we will together honor the life as we did know your Dear One. I can craft together a ritual that will hold the essence of the Dear One in a warm embrace of the community that shaped their life on Earth, as they transform. I am also able to create a ritual for the passing of your beloved pet. There is real need for healing this loss to the human friends of a pet who was part of your family and just as humans, transition, there is transition of a living being who deserves to be witnessed and held in the Light of Love.

Whatever the occasion, I bring to your ceremony or ritual, worship service or mediation room, a wide range of enthusiastic inspiration garnered from a lifetime of study and sadhana in the experience of multiple faiths and religions, spirituality and prayer among sentient beings. Whether it is a small, intimate service or performed in front of a large group of family and friends, celebrating life’s passages in community is vital to shaping the understanding of the human condition. Regardless of your spiritual background or absence of it, practice in faith or lack thereof, there are many things we all share as sentient beings: Love, Birth, Death, Rebirth (new beginnings). Sometimes even the process of divorce warrants a ritual which is tremendously healing. I can be of assistence in any of these and more. Privately or with your invited guests. I celebrate your culture, your lifestyle, and your personal beliefs with pleasure. I am at ease and excited on your wedding day, and it is my goal to help you feel comfortable and confident as well sharing these most intimate moments of life’s passage.

As an artist, I have worked with my art as my primary sadhana (spiritual practice) for decades. In the absence of a human Guru, at the age of 14, I began to be conscious of a particular visual language grounded in stitchery as my spiritual teacher. But my set of tools and yours likely will differ as you will have your own path and ways to bring to your art. If you have an interest in working with visual art, I would like to introduce you to your Satguru, (teacher within). Expressive Art sessions can be effective privately or with intentional groups for the purpose of self investigation or inquiring within (svadhyaya). We can have one purposeful session or a series of sessions weekly or monthly to explore a wide array of questions and revel in the results of what these mediums tell us beyond our mask of words and usual behaviours and routines.

What To Expect if you hire me

When you contact me by phone or email, I’ll respond to you ASAP, ask the date of your event, a few questions about you, and what kind of ceremony you want. My contact info is at the bottom of this post.

I would be delighted to create a Yajnya for any special day or create a ceremony without one that suits your spiritual and faith traditions as well as accommodate your chosen space... I can also create your altar. Dedication and arrangement of sacred space and full sensory presentation of a sacred environment are my passion.

Our collaboration on the special words, readings, vows and rituals you choose to celebrate your wedding service, memorial or any ceremonial day, will be exciting , cathartic and fulfilling for both of us.

I suggest we meet if possible after our initial phone call so you can decide in person if I am a good match for your ceremony. At that point, your expected time commitment of me to create and perform your ceremony can be estimated more accurately to establish a fair fee for my time. I don’t expect you to make any decisions on the spot. Let’s just get to know each other, and then you can take some time to decide if I am the minister for you.

If you choose to hire me, I’ll ask you for a deposit of ½ the fee and begin the 1st draft of your ceremony. I’ll provide you with suggestions and options, and craft the ceremony so that it’s exactly what you want to say on your important day.

On your event day, I’ll arrive up to an hour in advance at an agreed upon time to put you at ease. For your ceremony, I can dress in a ministerial dress robe or a meditation kurta, with or without a variety of ministerial stoles —whatever makes you more comfortable and suits the occasion and place. I will coordinate with your host, wedding planner or maitre d’ to see that everything takes place in a smooth and timely manner. If you don’t have a support team, then I am “it”. I will guide the process so that you can really relax, experience it, and enjoy it! I am there for you to make this special moment everything you imagined and dreamed of.

Thank you for visiting! For more information, contact me here:


OM - Tasmai Shree Guruve Namah - I honor my Teachers

I am alumni of The New Seminary and ordained at St. John the Divine in NYC from the Interfaith Temple of NY in 2008, I have lived, worked and studied Yoga Vedanta and Sanskrit studies at Ananda Ashram for 3 years focusing on archiving the prolific writings of Shri Brahmananda Sarasvati (Dr. Ramamurti Mishra) and studied for 4 years the Vedic Fire practice of Agnihotra.

When i became ready to see them, a living master appeared, and then another and another. This is a humbling experience. It does not make me special in any way, we all have these living teachers all around us all the time, though they may not be wearing orange robes, they are our family and friends and even our enemies. Bhagavan Jesus was quoted as saying we must pray for our enemies. These adversaries are sometimes our most important teachings along with our live dramas of illnesses and hardships. When the Teacher manifests in the world for us to see – that Teacher is a mirror to shine a light on our Inherent Wisdoms. May that Great Light roar showers of Bliss plentifully on the mortal world.

I come from an accidental career as a visionary outsider artist, having established a portfolio of exhibitions with sacred artwork in homage to my grandmother’s training me in interior seamstress work. The sewing industry of my childhood morphed into a 30 year practice of creating my transcendent visual language of mixed media in stitchery. This art-sadhana also lent itself quite pragmatically to a deep commitment to meditation practice and study of spiritual texts. In response to the Call to share my experience of God through expressing art, I had created and facilitated, a Sacred Arts program that ran for 5 yrs at MCI-Framingham Women’s Prison in MA. I am available for Expressive Art sessions privately or with intentional groups for the purpose of self investigation or inquiring within (svadhyaya).

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